Guyanese Designer takes London by Storm

By Juliet Alexander

Just weeks before the London Olympics, Guyana struck gold with a dazzling display of fashion talent, watched by a sell out crowd.

Leading Guyanese designer Donna Ramsammy James took London by storm and won many new admirers in the capital of chic.

The occassion was Donna's first UK show, perfectly slotted between the Queen's Jubilee and the London Olympics, ready to take advantage of a
city in party mood.

The venue couldn't have been more perfect, the prestigeous Drift Bar, in a landmark building in the centre of the financial district, boasting the world's tallest bar.

Caribbean Footprints

CARAMVITA,  the Caribbean American Association of Solivita drew a full house on Saturday 19 May 2012 as its main Charity event; the Annual Tea Party and Fashion Show displayed what the cognoscenti described as "stunning" in their evaluation of "Caribbean Footprints"; the fashion segment featuring the creations of internationally renowned Guyanese designer, Donna Ramsammy James.   

“Caribbean Footprints” was a celebration of the contribution of the Caribbean Diaspora to their adopted countries and communities, as evidenced at Solivita, and brought into sharp focus the creativity and expertise of this designer who in addition to being from Guyana and raised with Caribbean culture, lived and worked in East Africa for some 12 years, and consequently created, and selectively marketed an exclusive line of elegant ladies’ and men’s wear designed to express “the softness of Asia, the depth of Africa, and the color of the Caribbean.

The 2012 Collection: Afrika Milele

Afrika Milele; the SHAPE 2012 Collection, celebrated the Observance by the United Nations of 2011 as the “International Year for People of African Descent”. Her designs in this collection brought into sharp focus her insight, expertise and experience of her creative activities in East Africa for some 12 years, and typified the elegance of her exclusive line of elegant ladies’ and men’s wear designed to express “the softness of Asia, the depth of Africa, and the colour of the Caribbean.

In 2012 Donna continues her voluntary work with Youth to develop and hone their sense of style and occasion

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The 2011 Collection: Canopy

The theme of this collection reflects the designer’s oneness with the natural environment and support for sustainable management of Rainforest resources. This is demonstrated primarily in all Shape2000 collections by the commitment to the use of all natural fabric.

The canopy is the richest region of Guyana’s diverse rainforest, and ranges in thickness from 10-40 feet. Countless species have adapted to life in the canopy where they feed on the abundance of fruits, seeds, and leaves or the numerous animals that are attracted these foods. The plant life of the canopy is nearly as rich due to the variety of epiphytes and lianas.

In observance of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent, Donna and SHAPE2000 provided African-inspired fashion designs in the “fashion” segment of the Guyana Contingent presentation “Tradition in Film & Fashion” at the Bishops’ High School Old Students Association (BHSOSA) Reunion 2011 in Jamaica.


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The 2010 Collection: Spirit of the Caribbean

Spirit of the Caribbean, the 2010 Collection of SHAPE2000, is launched at the end of a particularly busy year. Her use of Madras in this collection is reflective of her appreciation of and pride at the cultural and ethnic diversity of Guyana.

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