New York: September 2009

An impressive ceremony at the Rotunda of the Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York on September 2 preceded a display of SHAPE2000 designs featuring almost exclusively Madras, a fabric originating in Chennai, South India originally named Madras.  The presentation was under the theme “Chennai and Beyond”. The presentation was made by senior municipal officials in New York. The other awardees included a former President of Guyana, and a distinguished advocate for women’s empowerment.

Jamaica: April 2009 Kingston

Donna continued her commitment to charity events by displaying her brand, SHAPE2000, appeared at two fund-raisers. This time; to raise funds for a recently-formed chapter of the Bishops’ High School Old Students’ Association, reflecting her love for the high school she attended as a teenager.


Shortly after her return to the Caribbean in 1999, Donna convened and headed the design team for the wardrobe and image enhancement of Miss Universe (Guyana), Morvinia Sobers, and established SHAPE, an acronym for Sound Health And Personal Enhancement. It was to encompass Fitness through dancercise, Packaging, Presentation, and Apparel Design. It still does to some extent, but the apparel line is pre-eminent and in great demand. Overall, the design journey of which Donna Ramsammy James's SHAPE 2000 is the current iteration, began a long time ago, but has refined its public expression, in a sequence of annual launchings of the next year's Collection; each with unique themes: In 2007 There was a trio of souvenir collections with themes: Colours of the Caribbean, Mother Earth, and Guyana and Beyond. SHAPE creations are custom made. Because of the designer's commitment to high technical standards, and caliber of clientele, SHAPE does not entertain nor respond to walk-in queries. SHAPE clients are selected after interviews with the designer or personal references from established clients. The common thread running through this series of collections is the SHAPE tradition of ethnic fusion, of art through fashion, of traditional cultural styles, dress, motifs, and notions. Donna has been featured in television advertising, and fashion media in the Caribbean, the United States and Kenya Some typical Donna Responses
A: Many people of worth miss opportunity, because of shortcomings in dress, speech, confidence and presentation. However, opportunity knocks and most of us; of course not everyone, can get into SHAPE

But, what is it?
SHAPE is an opportunity to advance personally and professionally through appropriate packaging, presentation, and demeanour; a lifestyle for elegant and fastidious women and men. SHAPE is an acronym for Sound Health And Personal Enhancement. It is dedicated to finishing. Health; wellness, and image enhancement for social and professional advancement. There are three distinct faces to SHAPE;

SHAPE Custom Creations, SHAPE Presentation, and SHAPE Personal Enhancement.

See below for a preview of the themes which also serve as links to the gallery. Do enjoy and thank you for your visit.

2000: "Vision" 2001-A Touch of El Dorado 2002-Cultural Mosaic 2003-Calypso in Colour
2004- "Umoja Sasa" 2005-"Celebration” 2006-"Legacy" 2007-"Focus"
2008-"Chimera" 2009-"Treveni Experience"    
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