New York: September 2009

An impressive ceremony at the Rotunda of the Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York on September 2 preceded a display of SHAPE2000 designs featuring almost exclusively Madras, a fabric originating in Chennai, South India originally named Madras.  The presentation was under the theme “Chennai and Beyond”. The presentation was made by senior municipal officials in New York. The other awardees included a former President of Guyana, and a distinguished advocate for women’s empowerment.


The citation read:
“Mrs. Ramsammy James as a choreographer, a designer, and international creative consultant “celebrate and represents, the rich diversity of the Caribbean.” In places as diverse as Guyana, Montserrat, and Kenya she pursued her passions and displayed leadership:   lead female dancer and choreographer in the Guyana National Dance Theatre Company and co-founded the National Dance Theatre Company of Montserrat. In Kenya, Ms. Ramsammy-James expanded her designing talent by melding cultural sensibilities.  Her designer trademark is a distinctive fusion of African, Caribbean, Indian and Latin American influences.  These features reflect the creativity and pride of heritage."


Donna and Malcolm Hall of the Guyana Cultural Association, New York, both members of the original Treveni Dance Company.  Donna, with Awardee group. Other awards were received by relatives or officials.