The 2011 Collection: Canopy

The theme of this collection reflects the designer’s oneness with the natural environment and support for sustainable management of Rainforest resources. This is demonstrated primarily in all Shape2000 collections by the commitment to the use of all natural fabric.

The canopy is the richest region of Guyana’s diverse rainforest, and ranges in thickness from 10-40 feet. Countless species have adapted to life in the canopy where they feed on the abundance of fruits, seeds, and leaves or the numerous animals that are attracted these foods. The plant life of the canopy is nearly as rich due to the variety of epiphytes and lianas.

In observance of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent, Donna and SHAPE2000 provided African-inspired fashion designs in the “fashion” segment of the Guyana Contingent presentation “Tradition in Film & Fashion” at the Bishops’ High School Old Students Association (BHSOSA) Reunion 2011 in Jamaica.


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