Caribbean Footprints

CARAMVITA,  the Caribbean American Association of Solivita drew a full house on Saturday 19 May 2012 as its main Charity event; the Annual Tea Party and Fashion Show displayed what the cognoscenti described as "stunning" in their evaluation of "Caribbean Footprints"; the fashion segment featuring the creations of internationally renowned Guyanese designer, Donna Ramsammy James.   

“Caribbean Footprints” was a celebration of the contribution of the Caribbean Diaspora to their adopted countries and communities, as evidenced at Solivita, and brought into sharp focus the creativity and expertise of this designer who in addition to being from Guyana and raised with Caribbean culture, lived and worked in East Africa for some 12 years, and consequently created, and selectively marketed an exclusive line of elegant ladies’ and men’s wear designed to express “the softness of Asia, the depth of Africa, and the color of the Caribbean.

Donna described the concept as " a synthesis of tradition, inspiration and creativity; a display of a unique line of art displayed through fashion, choreography, music and mime". The common thread running through her collections; thirteen to date, is the SHAPE 2000 tradition of ethnic fusion, art through fashion, traditional cultural styles, dress, motifs, and notions.

The creations were displayed by a hybrid team of members of CARAMVITA and Donna’s own models who travelled to Solivita for the event.    This is the first showing of Donna's work in Central Florida. Others have been in Davie and Miramar over the past few years.  From Florida, Donna moves on to her next presentation; London, UK, in mid-June.

Shape 2000 showings have been held in New York, Kenya, Canada, Anguilla, London, Barbados, Anguilla, and Jamaica
Donna is the recipient of the Guyana Cultural Association of New York Award, 2009. The citation read: " “Mrs. Ramsammy James as a choreographer, a designer, and international creative consultant “celebrate and represent, the rich diversity of the Caribbean.” In places as diverse as Guyana, Montserrat, and Kenya she pursued her passions and displayed leadership: lead female dancer and choreographer in the Guyana National Dance Theatre Company and co-founded the National Dance Theatre Company of Montserrat. In Kenya, Ms. Ramsammy-James expanded her designing talent by melding cultural sensibilities.  Her designer trademark is a distinctive fusion of African, Caribbean, Indian and Latin American influences.  These features reflect the creativity and pride of heritage.