Classic Eldorado Art in Motion
"Classic El Dorado - Art In Motion" is a collection by Guyanese designer Donna Ramsammy James, featured as part of a fashion production held at the University of the West Indies, on Saturday, April 4.
Patrons wowed at Bishops tea party and fashion show

Thirst Park last Saturday, was transformed into a garden for the Bishops’ High School Old Students Association inaugural Tea Party and Fashion Show, ‘Classic El Dorado - Art in Motion’.

Classic El Dorado

Art in Motion’ for Thirst Park

Designer Donna Ramsammy-James is offering a sneak preview of a show-stopping cultural and fashion event later this month that is set to open in Jamaica in April as part of an international fundraiser for a Bishops High School reunion.

‘Classic El Dorado: Arts in Motion’ is billed for Thirst Park on March 21. Donna will debut a new collection of mostly gold pieces at her first public showing in seven years.

Work of GUyanese designer showcased in Beijing

On January 20, 2009, Madam Le Aimei, Spouse of His Excellency Yang Jiechi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China hosted, on behalf of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, a Chinese Spring Festival Gala and Fashion Show for Ambassadresses, spouses of resident Ambassadors and female diplomats at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China.

Treveni Experience
Just recently, the DUrban Backlands residence of designer Donna Ramsammy-James came alive when she hosted ˜Treveni Experience, a presentation of Sound Health and Personal Enhancement (SHAPE) 2000 label under which she designs. Treveni Experience is the designers tenth line of exclusive and elegant ladies and mens wear which would be added to her 2009 collection. It incorporates, according to Donna, the softness of Asia, the depth of Africa and the colours of the Caribbean. The pieces, which are all made and hand-finished in Guyana, comprise fluid lines, vibrant colours and unusual cuts, while maintaining the SHAPE tradition of ethnic fusion, through art and fashion; and of traditional cultural styles, dress, motifs and notions. In the cool of the afternoon, members of the audience were entertained by a truly colourful display of garments. Some of which appeared to be quite simple to the eye and others with visible intricacies. A mixture of Indian and African music and a bit of dancing also typified the event and members of the audience sang and dance; though in their seats. The fashion show comprised five segments. The most appealing, was that termed ‘So hot it burns. In this segment, the models, both male and female, wore garments of red, yellow and orange, creating a fiery effect. The other striking segment was a display of blue pieces, which signified the ‘Caribbean SeaDonna described the clothing as being “sassy and classy.” An array of clothing with African and Asian flavour was also on display. The patterns and designs in these two segments were unique in that the maps of these areas had been hand painted onto the material. The colours in this segment were both bright and mild. The last of the segments saw the display of white garments. Donna launches a new line annually and this year’s saw the display of about 60 pieces, as usual, in the privacy of her domicile for a small select group. Asked why not a larger gathering and venue, Donna responded that if that were to be done, the display would lose its flavour and intimacy. She said the private viewing gives her the privilege of entertaining in the comfort of her own space. Donna said that Carifesta X, held here in August, created the opportunity, albeit unintended, for the regrouping of Treveni, a small but celebrated group of Guyanese artistes who performed at the first Carifesta in 1972, and toured extensively in the Caribbean in the ensuing years. The reunion of these multi-talented artistes, who individually have displayed their work in Africa, India, Europe, North and South America, has led to a commitment to return to Treveni, the confluence of fashion, music and dance, and the collaboration will take place in a major North American exposition in 2009. The models displaying Donnas new line were: Peter Willems, Videsh Sookran, Dellon Davidson, Nicole Austin, Nadira Harriraj, Joanne Joseph, Natoyah Fields, Verita George, Christel Cheong, Janice Maison, Nicola Meyers and Dominique Dias
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