Donna Ramsammy-James:
There are many adjectives that can be used to describe Donna Ramsammy-James, but accomplished just about covers it, when one considers the wealth of experience and variety she has brought to the designing industry in Guyana. Whether you agree or not, describing her as iconic in Guyana’s designing industry will not be too far off and when that term is used it will not be because of her age, but for the artistry of her work. It is a fact that when someone wears a Donna Ramsammy-James design, it stands out and is never mistaken for someone else’s. As The Scene has learnt, it is not just designing that has made Donna accomplished, but also what she stands for and the lengths to which she would go to do achieve this. Incidentally, designing was not what she intended to do when she returned to Guyana eight years ago; her dream was to open a Thai restaurant and start a dance exercise class. Dancing is one of her “loves.” In a wide ranging interview at her D’Urban Backlands home/studio, Donna told The Scene what she thought of the designing industry in Guyana and how fearful she is for it, as it lacks direction. Like many, she is somewhat cynical about those who pop-up everyday and call themselves designers. And while she calls for a designer’s association to help guide the young and keep them in check she feels the media bear some responsibility in holding designers accountable. She said it is one thing for someone to jump up and say s/he is a designer or that s/he has accomplished so much and for it to be splashed across the media but she feels it is the duty of the media to hold that person accountable for their words.
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